We set new standards

For the best power gearbox in aviation

Motivation that drives us

Our objective is to produce the best power gearbox in the world. We innovate continuously, taking gear 
manufacturing beyond what is currently possible. Our development of new technologies is partly financed by public funding.

The high-precision manufacturing of the UltraFan® power gearbox presents new challenges:

The exceptionally high power density and highest quality standards of the gearbox components demand a level of manufacturing precision that is unique for components of this type and size. The extremely tight tolerances of the gearwheels and bearings are only achievable with newly developed manufacturing technologies.

Innovative machining methods are necessary to achieve the required material properties.

We are successively establishing a factory of the future where we combine the latest manufacturing knowhow with digitalised processes to set new benchmarks.

What is the function of a Power Gearbox?

A combination of technological innovations

The UltraFan® engine design itself includes a suite of new technologies, which provide fuel savings of 25% compared to the first generation of Rolls-Royce Trent engines. The UltraFan® engine, available in the next decade, will feature:

Fuel burn efficiency

Maximum fuel burn efficiency and low emissions through a new engine core architecture.

Carbon-titanium composites

Reduced weight through the use of carbon-titanium (CTi) fan blades and a composite casing.

Ceramic matrix composites

Increased efficiency through the use of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) which are heat resistant and require less cooling air.

By-pass ratio

Efficient power for high by-pass ratio engines of the future through a geared design.

100.000 horsepower

Rolls-Royce’s power gearbox is designed to run all the way up to 100,000 horsepower, equivalent to more than 500 family cars. It is therefore the world’s most powerful civil aerospace gearbox.